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Voices for a Better Normal: Think Pieces Contributing to a Culture of Human Rights and Peace in Southeast Asia

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As our societies slowly recover from the
COVID-19 pandemic, systematic securitization continues to push affected
communities and individuals at edge of uncertainty and vulnerability. It has
affected how we are governed, and our ability to claim our rights and enjoy
our freedoms. We’ve witnessed and experienced multiple levels and forms of
inequality and injustices— particularly in fragile areas of the region.
Furthermore, popular authoritarian regimes and misinformation continue to
plague socio-political spaces. There
is a wealth of knowledge and expertise on critical themes about our region
that deserve to be expressed and disseminated.
In the spirit
of our COVID-19 opinion piece series, SHAPE-SEA is inviting academics,
activists, as well as allies to be part of our newest online project, “Voices
for a Better Normal: Think Pieces Contributing to a Culture of Human Rights
and Peace in Southeast Asia.” We envision
this to facilitate a solidarity of human rights and peace champions through
knowledge production and informed advocacy. We hope that your submissions
will shape a “better normal” that not only recognizes and addresses diverse
lived experiences, but also allows for the full protection of human rights of
Southeast Asian peoples and the improvement of peace situation in the
region.Thematic Areas

  • Academic
    Freedom and Activism
  • Peace, Conflict and Human
  • Safe and Dignified Migration
  • Democracy and Justice
  • Cultures, Values and
  • Technologies, Human Rights and
  • Business Accountabilities
  • Marginalized Peoples
  • Shrinking Civic

Mechanics and RequirementsWritten
in English, submissions may come in the form of a short academic academic or
policy brief. Articles should be 500 to 1000 words long (excluding title and
list of references). Articles should also include a 100- word bio. You may
write them individually or as a group.
Think pieces (MS Word
format) should be submitted to
Our team will be editing/proofreading your work.

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