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Singapore’s Covid-19 Case Study: Personal Networks as Resources of Last Resort

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Skeptic murmurs to calls for help in the thick
of covid-19
Today (5 April 2020), two calls for resources came from within
my personal networks. One was sourcing foodstuff for a disabled home, while
the other was seeking four laptops or notepads for underprivileged
students.Underlying the resource calls were the core development of the
soon-to-happen Circuit Breaker phase (Singapore Health Ministry, 2020). As of
this writing, Singapore is three days away from the Circuit Breaker phase,
effective from 7 April 2020 to 4 May 2020, where workers and students are
going to ‘stay home’, reduce social contact outside the household, leaving
only essential businesses and services operational.Some skeptics were very
eager to jump on the bandwagon to put off the resource requests as
unnecessary, even casting shadows on the requesters end as not having done
their fair share of due diligence to obtain the resources from official
channels.Hasn’t the government provided the Neu PC Plus program (Roxanne,
2020) to provide computer devices to the needy? Isn’t the government already
providing funding for the help organisations? Or even, is the call for help
real? Maybe it is a hoax to cheat money?All these above are legitimate.
Especially on the chance of the calls being scam programs, as there exists an
email purportedly sent from Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong’s personal email
account seeking Singaporean’s thoughts and contributions to the covid-19 outbreak
(CNA, 2020.)Significance of personal outreach for
Many people are of the impression that
Singapore is a rich nation with abundant resources, adequate community
support programs and that everything works like clockwork. But the heart of
the matter lies in supply chain gaps and disruptions – such that those
most vulnerable and most susceptible to such times are not getting the
resources they need in a timely manner.When people are hoarding food and
supplies to ensure that their families have enough to tide over the period,
food banks are rapidly drying wells, spreading resources too thinly to too
many needy communities (Ng, 2020.) However, resident homes for the needy, who
used to rely on such food sources, still need to feed their residents and the
staff. Some of the residents in the homes are incapable of feeding or bathing
themselves, much less procure food from supermarkets or food centres. Even if
money may not be a problem, the availability of supplies is.When the
Singapore government announced on Friday (3 April 2020) that schools will
close and students will switch to home-based learning (Roxanne, 2020) five
days later, there was no provision to ensure that the underprivileged
students get the access to equipment allowing them to review online content
in the confines of their homes. That is, beyond the Neu PC Plus program that
would bring the resources to these students a few weeks or maybe even months
down the road.There’s a Chinese saying called 及时雨, which translates into
“timely rain.” A rainfall that brings about bountiful harvests after a period
of drought is timely. If it had come later, the crops would have gone to
waste. In this particular case, this infers that help not only has to be
relevant, they have to be sent timely, in an adequate manner.Effectiveness of personal
networks as urgent gap fillers
Looking back at the
calls, I truly believe that requesters had relied on personal networks
because available programs and resources even if relevant, were not going to
reach the communities who need them on time. In such extraordinary times
where systems and programs fail, communities take over, and… Our personal
networks become our resources of last resort.In these two instances, because
I can vouch for the authenticity of the resource calls, I have no hesitation
to put word out for them. In three hours, samaritans have pledged some 15-20
cartons of food and transferred some funds for the home. By the twelfth hour,
the funding had already rolled into four digits. Already, three laptops were
brought to the schoolteacher who put out the request. I deeply hope that more
help may roll in the next couple of days to provide equipment for online
learning to the students.As a witness with real-life testimonies to share, I
believe we will live to tell the tales of unsung heroes during covid-19 to
our future generations, because thankfully, they are aplenty in our
I made a conscious choice to do what was within my sphere of influence. How
far would you have gone?Further to this, the span of my efforts lasted all of
six hours today, with more contacts rolling in on the bandwagon thereafter.
How do you suggest we can better foster trust and support among our
communities?References:Singapore Health
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