The Emergence of LGBT Human Rights and the Use of Discourse Analysis for Understanding LGBT State Inclusion

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This paper begins with a narrative on existing forms of LGBT discrimination, exclusion, and violence. It traces the historically ingrained basis of LGBT social exclusion, the birth of human rights, and the social movements for LGBT state inclusion. Key milestones that support the call for policies on LGBT human rights at the global and national level are presented. The paper then argues for the use of discourse for policy analysis. It provides a conceptual understanding of discourse and discourse theory, and emphasizes the value of discourse for policy analysis with examples of dominant discourses that support and oppose LGBT human rights. Two country cases that applied discourse analysis, in Indonesia and Singapore, are presented. An argument for the use of discourse-as-policy in examining the debates on LGBT state inclusion in the Philippines is made, towards an enabling policy environment for a national law to recognize and protect LGBT human rights.

Researcher: De Vela, MA. Theresa “Tesa” Casal


Topic: Discrimination, Human Rights, LGBT

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