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The 2nd Lecturer Workshop on Teaching Human Rights

2 – 5 July 2018

The 2nd Lecturer Workshop on Teaching Human Rights was co-organized by the Strengthening Human Rights and Peace Research and Education in ASEAN/Southeast Asia (SHAPE-SEA) and the Institute of Human Rights and Peace Studies (IHRP), Mahidol University, Salaya Campus.

Dr. Eakphant Pindavanija, Director of Institute of Human Rights and Peace Studies (IHRP), together with Dr. Sriprapha Petcharamesree, Chair of SHAPE-SEA Programme and Convener of AUN-HRE opened the meeting by welcoming all the participants and sharing the objectives of the meeting.

The four-day workshop was attended by 24 lecturers from 9 Southeast Asia Countries, including 1 officer from Ministry of Foreign Affair of Lao PDR.

Main objective of the Workshop is to develop lecturer skills and knowledge for teaching human rights at the undergraduate and graduate level.

The workshop was divided into three main sessions:

  1. Human Rights Background covered Human rights fundamentals; Human rights protection in SEA; Peace; and Specific area in human rights (which included human rights theory; gender and law; political Science and Democratization; research methods for human rights)
  2. Teaching and Learning Methodologies provided skills in effective lecturing for human rights: class organization, presentation, lecturing, use of power points and other multimedia, as well as learning activities/method for a human rights classroom (for example how to teaching law to non-law student)
  3. Teaching Human Rights: Class Plan Preparation covered designing a basic syllabus, course plans, structuring classes-class outline, and sample exercises or assessments including AUN QA.

The workshop methodology covered lectures, panel discussions, open forums, group work and teaching exercises. Evaluation/assessment of the workshop was done in the last session.

The activity received positive feedback from participants. Some have recommended that more time is dedicated for lecture skills, Teaching Law to Non-Law Students and Class Plan Preparations. They were also suggesting SHAPE-SEA to conduct such workshop at the national level. Furthermore, they also suggested that textbook should be translated into all major Southeast Asian languages.

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