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Addressing Inequalities for Peace and Justice

28 April 2018Universiti
Malaysia Sabah, Sabah
Addressing Inequalities for Peace and
Justice was a two-day national seminar organized by the Faculty
of Humanities, Arts and Heritage, Universiti Malaysia
With a focus of Sustainable Development Goals
(SDGs), the seminar explored how more educators, researchers, policy makers
and the NGO community can be made more aware on how human rights and peace
education. Most especially in asserting for a role of the universities in the
achievement of the SDGs.ObjectivesThe three main
objectives were

  1. To increase the awareness of civil
    society groups and related government agencies in the work of various
    regional organizations such as the SEAHRN, ASEAN institutions and other
    groups in the achievement of human rights and peace education as an important
    development for the Southeast Asian region.
  2. To build a
    platform in which the academe, government, NGOs, international organizations
    and other groups relevant to human rights work in Malaysia can work
  3. To strengthen the knowledge capacity of
    teachers, leaders and practitioners on human rights and peace

Activity Forum and
The keynote address was delivered by Mr. Edmund Bon
Tai Soon, Malaysian Representative to the ASEAN Intergovernmental Commission
on Human Rights (AICHR).There were four panels:

  1. Reducing Inequalities (SDG 10) and the Vulnerable
    with speakers Mr. Dominik Urban, Head of Delegation International
    Committee of Red Cross, Malaysia; Prof Dr. Junaeanah Sulehan, Director,
    Borneo Studies Institue, Universiti College Sabah Foundation, Ms. Marilou
    Chin, Founder, Stairway to Hope Alternative Learning Centre, and Discussant
    Dr Ayesah Uy Abubakar.
  2. Gender Inequality
    (SDG 5)
    with speakers Winnie Yee, President Sabah Women’s
    Action-Resource Group; Hajah Baiyah Ag Mahmon, Institute for Development
    Studies Sabah; Prof. Dato’ Dr. Rashidah Shuib, Former
    Director, Centre for Research on Women and Gender, Universiti Sains Malaysia
    and Discussant Dr. Kavitha a/p Ganesan.
  3. Peace, Justice and Strong Institutions (SDG
    with speakers Datuk Godfrey Gregory Joitol, Commissioner,
    SUHAKAM; Mr. Peter Lee Kong Chung, Sabah Law Society;  and Discussant:
    Prof. Madya Dr. Lai Yew Meng.
  4. A Special SEARHN Panel on
    Academic Freedom was organized on day

The National Seminar was attended by approximately
200 people representing the academe (lecturers,
researchers and students), members from the civil society organizations, and
media.Media links:

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