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The Outsiders’ Role for Peace in the South

6-7 December 2017Chulalongkorn
University, BangkokThe Outsiders’ Role for Peace in the South was a two day
national seminar was a collaborative effort between Center for Social
Development Studies (CSDS)
, Faculty of Political
Science, Chulalongkorn University
and Institute of Human Rights and Peace Studies,
Mahidol University
.It explored the roles of outsiders such as
academic, civil society, media and policy makers who are not living in the
South of  Thailand on their contribution towards peace in the Southern
border provinces of


three main objectives of the seminar were to

  • generate
    public analysis and knowledge on roles of outsiders and general public in
    Thai society for peace process and peacebuilding in the Southern Thailand
    among scholars and practitioners.
  • promote dialogue and
    collaborative networking among stakeholders from different sectors who are
    concerned with conflict and peace process in the Southern
  • advocate and raise public awareness on
    involvement of outsiders and citizen in Thai society for peacebuilding in
    Southern Thailand.

Activity forum and

The seminar was divided into  two parts
–  Public Forum: Academics-Practitioners Exchange (Day 1)
and Multi-Stakeholders Platform (Day 2)
.The keynote was presented
by Dr. Gothom
.Three panel discussions were presented. Each panel discussion
explored the roles of various stakeholders – academe, civil society, and
faith groups.Speakers included academics – Dr. Mark Tamthai, Dr. Chantana
, Dr. Suchat Setthamanilee, Dr. Eakpant
;Civil society members – Reungrawee Pichaikul (Institute
for Gender and Development Research), Yupa Poosahat (Asia Foundation),
Pornpen Khonkajonkiat (Amnesty International Thailand), and Sunai Pasuk
(Human Rights Watch); Prakeerati Satasutta (Peace envoy – swiss project),
Abdulooh Mad-adam (Patani forum – Islamophobia and Perception of People from
different regions towards Muslims in Southern Thailand), and Phakawadee
Supanchitwana – Trends of Islamophobia in Northern Thailand.The sessions were
moderated by Dr. Duanghathai Booranacharoenkij,  Dr. Naruemon
Thabchumpol, and Dr. Padtheera Narkurairattana. Day 1 was attended by over a 100 participants with
representation from the academe, civil society, media (Prachathai,
Thai PBS and Bangkok
), and government (representative from the Ministry of Foreign
Affairs, Thailand, representative from Embassy of Malaysia, Indonesia
Embassy, Political Division -Sweden, Representative from the Embassy of the
United States, Switzerland and the Kingdom of the Netherlands)Day 2 was a
closed door platform which brought together scholars and practitioners who
are actively involved in Deep South conflict to discuss on networking and
future collaboration for effective peace- building process.Day 1 was streamed
live through Facebook Live (สถาบันสิทธิมนุษยชนและสันติศึกษา
) and has 4210 views.

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