Research Grants

Death Penalty towards Alternative Human Sanctions; Indonesia

Research Grant
 One year ( February 2017-February 2018)
  University of Indonesia and University
of  Mahendradatta, Indonesia


publish a policy paper which examines Indonesian recent approaches and
context  on abolition of the death penalty on drugs war mitigation and the
current criminal justice system, focusing on the death penalty, the context
of death penalty as punishment  and as a human rights issues in
Indonesia ,  the  challenges and potential  to abolish the
death penalty or to incorporate alternative human sanctions in the
continuing  process of death penalty  and the implementation on
ICCPR  (the International Covenant on Civil and Political

Significance of

As a reference for policy
makers  incorporating in the  law  to promote and protect
human rights and to publish Policy Paper on humane alternative sanctions to
death sentence ;  a reference  or guideline for legal enforcers,
policy makers, researchers, lecturers,  non-governmental organizations,
members of parliaments,  university students on using humane
alternative  sanctions  in the future and  for promoting human


Inosentius Samsul, graduated from Doctoral
Program Faculty of Law University of Indonesia, a teaching faculty at Faculty
of Law University of Indonesia, visiting lecturer at Inosentius SamsulFaculty of Law University of Pancasila, Jakarta , Faculty of
Law University of Atmajaya , Jakarta, Academic Director of Post graduate
 program in Law University of Mahendradatta Bali and currently as the
Head of Legislation Drafting Unit at the House of Representative Indonesia
Expertise Council.  Inosentius and his team , comprises of 
outstanding senior researchers  who are ; Erikson Sihotang, Lydia
Suryani,  Nukila Evanty and Simplexius Axa  . Inosentius has been
involved in making academic draft  and policy paper such as as in the
Social Conflict Management Law in 2012, lead Researcher on Initiative Law
proposed by the House of Representatives  of Indonesia  such as the
draft law on Indigenous Peoples in 2014 and lead Researcher on Academic Draft
on the Truth and Reconciliation Commission

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