Research Trainings and Workshop

Academic Non-Grantee Research Training in Timor Leste

3-4 April 2017Timor LesteSHAPE-SEA held
its first ever activity in one of the world’s youngest nations. Timor Leste
is considered as an academically emerging country with promising
opportunities for its scholars, researchers and students to produce studies
on the human rights and/or peace situation in their country.The Research
Training was organised in partnership with the Centre for Peace and Conflict
Studies of the Faculty of Social Sciences at the Universidade Nacional Timor
Lorosae’.Academic Research Training in Timor LesteThe two-day
training covered various themes on human rights and peace and aspects of
research planning. It was offered to scholars, students and activists working
on human rights and peace study programs and research in the country.A total
of 35 participants attended the two-day training which included sessions on
human rights and peace research methodologies, analytical framework, research
project management and group work on research topic identification and
planningThe training invited distinguished guest to share their expertise to
the participants. Dr. Antero Benedito da Silva of UNTL opened the training by
discussing the current human rights and peace situation in Timor Leste.Dr. Kamarulzaman
Askandar conducted lectures on relevant issues on peace and peace Dr. Kamarulzaman Askandarframeworks for research analysis. Dr.
Khoon Ying Hooi of Universiti Malaya held sessions on rights-based research
methodologies and analytical frameworks. Dr. Sriprapha Petcharamesree,
SHAPE-SEA Program Chair shared about the Fundamentals of Human
Rights.Outputs: The participants from Universities based in Timor Leste will
increase their capacity to (1) design a research plan (2) research framework,
and (3) Human Rights standardsOutcome: All participants are able to develop
basic skills and knowledge on researching about human rights and peace in
Timor Leste

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