Research Grants

Constructing an Integrated Framework for Analysing Human Rights Awareness Among University Students in Malaysia and Thailand

 2 years
(2016-2018) University
Universiti Malaysia Sarawak,
Malaysia;  Srinakharinwirot
University, Bangkok, Thailand;  Universiti Malaysia Saraak,
Malaysia.Research Objectives: To examine human
rights awareness among university students in Malaysia and Thailand (particularly
those studying in our respective institutions) and using our analysis of
their awareness to develop a framework that can be used to analyse human
rights awareness among other university students in the region and
.Our research also seeks to create a web portal that we hope
will be used as a platform to further raise human rights awareness among
university students in Malaysia, Thailand and other countries in the region
where they can exchange ideas about human rights awareness and think of
feasible ways to protect and defend these rights.Significance
of Research:
The study hopes to fill up to the lacuna in the
scholarship of human rights and peace education in the ASEAN region through

  1. the findings on the complexities and specificities of university
    students’ perceptions of human rights and the extent to which these
    perceptions are shaped by their demographic backgrounds, everyday lived
    experiences and material conditions, psychosocial, political, moral, and
    spiritual realities to name just a few
  2. the development
    of an integrated framework which will be used not only to analyse the
    concepts of human rights in the region, but also to help construct policies
    concerning human rights that engage more fully with university students’ own
    perceptions of human rights and the kinds of rights that affect them the

Dr Collin Jerome and Dr. Kriangkrai
Vathanalaoha Personal
Dr Collin Jerome is a senior lecturer at the Faculty of
Language Studies and Communication Studies, Universiti Malaysia Sarawak. He
holds a PhD in English Literature from University of Sussex and has been
involved with research projects in the areas of identity, gender, and
sexuality in pedagogy, literature, and the media.Dr. Kriangkrai Vathanalaoha
is a lecturer at Language Centre, International College for Sustainability
Studies, Srinakharinwirot University. He received Doctor of Dental Surgery
from Chulalongkorn University, MA (English Language and Literature) from
Thammasat University and Certificate of Postgraduate Research in Applied
Linguistics at Lancaster University, UK. He is now a PhD candidate at
Language Institute, Thammasat University and has published academic papers on
literary linguistics, characterization and stylistics. His research interests
include cognitive poetics, pragmatics, corpus linguistics, discourse
analysis, ESP and contrastive rhetoric. He has conducted several academic
services and English training programme for national and international
participants.  Co-ResearchersDr
Zaimuariffudin Shukri Nordin is a senior lecturer at the Faculty of Cognitive
Sciences and Human Development, Universiti Malaysia Sarawak. He graduated
with a PhD in Education from the University of Exeter in 2011. Dr
Zaimuariffudin Shukri Nordin specializes in field of social science and
humanities and has been with the formulation of Malaysia’s National Human
Rights Action Plan (NHRAP) and projects related to human rights education in
the country initiated by the Human Rights Commission of Malaysia (SUHAKAM).Mr
Damien Anak Mikeng graduated from Universiti Teknologi Malaysia with a
B.Sc.Ed (Hons) in Teaching English as A Second Language (TESL). Experienced
English Language teacher and has taught in government secondary school before
joining UNIMAS. Throughout the years as English teacher, has actively
involved with MELTA (Malaysian English Language Teacher Association), an
examiner of MUET (Malaysian University English Test), a recipient of
E-Teacher Scholarships by the Department of States (Oregon University) and
has published English workbooks for Malaysian Secondary Schools (PMR
& PT3). Currently hold the post of Senior Language Teacher with the
Faculty of Language Studies and Communication Studies UNIMAS.Associate
Professor Dr. Su-Hie TING is an associate professor of sociolinguistics at
the Faculty of Language Studies and Communication Studies, Universiti
Malaysia Sarawak. She graduated from the University of Queensland with a Ph.D
in Applied Linguistics in 2001 and has since published on language choice and
identity, strategic competence and academic

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