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Polling for Peace in Southern Thailand

 Prince of Songkla
UniversityLength of research: 1
yearResearch objectives: To study the process of
the peace poll in southern Thailand; and to study the peace poll lessons from
other cases that might be applied to the peace process in southern
Thailand.Significance of research (relevance to SHAPE SEA
objectives and research):
Building peace is a long, complex
process involving many actors, steps and a variety of tools. The important
recommendations that can help to enhance peace process are trust among
conflicting parties and understanding the needs of the local people. Getting
opinions from the local people could make some positive changes in the
conflicting area. One way to involve the citizenry is through surveys or
polling.Personal BioKayaneeDr.
Kayanee Chor Boonpunth is a lecturer at the Department of Public
Administration, Faculty of Management Sciences, Prince of Songkla University,
Hat Yai Campus, Thailand. Her areas of interest are peacebuilding and ethnic
conflicts. She graduated from the University of Waikato, New Zealand. The
topic of her PhD thesis is “An Analysis of the Role of Civil Society in
Building Peace in Ethno-religious Conflict: A Case Study of the Three
Southernmost Provinces of Thailand”. 

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