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The challenges in the political participation of the Taoi women and Cotu women in ThuaThienHue Province of Vietnam

Length of research: 12
monthsResearch objectives: The  reseach
 to  identify  the  overall  picture  of
 the  equal  status  of  women’s
 ethnic minnorities: Taoi and Cotu in Thuathienhue province of
Vietnam in the field of political participation and decision of social
problems. To identify the factors which are affecting the promotion of gender
equality between women and men in social activities in the two ethnic
communities. On this basis, make recommendations to promoting the
participation in political activities; the role of women in the society of
two communities in the future, especially improving the future status of the
girls of the two peoples and provide recommendations  for 
 local   authorities   to   make 
 the   policy   to   promoting development
opportunities for women of the two communitiesSignificance of
The research will be contribute to raising awareness
of the researchers on the status women’s equality of ethnic minorities in
Vietnam in  the political participation.Promoting research passion and
responsibility to the community and society. Especially, the researchers look
for the responsibility to promoting opportunities for the vulnerable groups
in society. This activity is more meaningful when research participants are
the students are studying degree programs. It is a great opportunity for the
students to learn the scientific research skills and professional ethics,
responsibility of scientists for the development of peace.Personal
:The research team set includes lecturers from the School
of Law and  student of sociology of Science College of Hue
University.LE THI NGAThe Leader is Phd. Le Thi Nga, she has had much experience in
the field of research. In her research activities, she had several studies
related to human rights such as: Assetsment the situation of street children
in Hue City (Vietnam), Enforcement the rights of migrant workers, the rights
of women, among others. DOAN LE MINH CHAU Two members of the group have
made achievements in volunteerism to society and there are small research
projects for young lecturer and students.HOANG THI AI QUYNHThe research that has been conducted by
group geared to the objective of promoting the development of human rights in
Vietnam and further it promote the implementation the human right of the

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