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Criminal Justice System: The Factors Undermining the Right to a Fair Trial in Myanmar’s Armed Conflict Region (Kachin State)

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 PhD Thesis Grant –
Mahidol UniversityLength of
12 months periodResearch
To improve human rights and criminal justice
system in MyanmarSignificance of researchThe
present study will provide greater understanding about the judicial
proceedings in the courts of Myanmar especially in the armed conflict areas
and will also examine whether human rights abuses under the current criminal
justice system or not.PERSONAL
Lazum Lone WahIn 2003, Lazum lone wah got a bachelor of law
degree (LL.B) from University of Mandalay. He also studied in Japan for
Master of law degree (LL.M) in the field of International and business law in
2013.He served as deputy township law officer, township law officer in
different cities to appear before the court on behalf of the government. He
works for Office of the Union Attorney General as a law officer. Currently,
he studies human rights and peace studies in Mahidol University for his PhD

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