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Trouble in Paradise? Analyzing the Effects of International Low-Skilled Migration on Local Workers: A Study of Koh Phi Phi, Krabi Province, Thailand

Master’s Thesis Research
IHRP, Mahidol
UniversityLength of research: Six
months (July 2015 to January 2016)Research
The objectives of this research are to understand
what possible effects low-skilled labor migration has had on the Thai work
force and labor market on Koh Phi Phi, as well as other possible
socio-cultural effects such immigration has had on the host community as a
whole.Significance of research (relevance to SHAPE SEA
objectives and research)
Many studies analyze the effects of
low-skilled immigration based on labor and employment statistics gathered at
the firm- or national-level. This research will attempt to understand the
effects of such immigration based on reports of impacts given by the workers
and host community itself, thus giving voice to those affected.Personal
Elizabeth KolbeElizabeth Kolbe is a Master’s Student in
Mahidol University’s Institute for Human Rights and Peace Studies. She
received her Bachelor’s of Arts in Anthropology with minors in Ethnic Studies
and Spanish from Minnesota State University, Mankato, USA in 2008, graduating
with Cumme Laude Honors. While studying, she received the Freeman-ASIA
scholarship to study in Thailand, her mother’s homeland. She feels her
multi-ethnicity, as well as her background in Anthropology, gives her a
unique perspective to view the world as neither black nor white, but a mix of
all colors. Her first trip to Thailand opened her eyes to the realities of
the world, and strengthened her commitment to social justice. She worked as
the Director of Youth Ministries and Christian Education Coordinator in her
hometown of Sleepy Eye, Minnesota for three years before enrolling at Mahidol

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